Sheer Enthusiasm of Life

3 June 2015Wednesday
Art centre “Commune” (ex-printery)

"Sheer Enthusiasm of Life" (from Andrey Patonov's Diaries) is an exhibition of Andrey Platonov’s publications in Voronezh periodicals from 1918 to 1925. He is the author of about 300 texts in "Voronezhskaya Kommuna" ("Voronezh Commune"), "Krasnaya Derevnya" ("Red Village"), "Nasha Gazeta" ("Our Newspaper"), "Trudovoy Klich"("Labour Call"), "Repeynik" ("Bur"), "Ogni" ("The Lights") newspapers and "Zhelezny Put" ("The Iron Way") magazine.

When Andrey Platonov worked for Voronezh periodicals, he rarely signed his publications using his real name. He usually used pen-names: A.Pl., Nishchy (Beggar), Tuten, Elpidiphor Baklazhanov, Johann Pupkov, Rabochy (workman) Andrey Platonov and others.

Andrey Platonov's publications are set within their original information context: the exposition features two-page openings from newspapers and magazines where Platonov's publications are next to those of other writers.

The exhibition "Sheer Enthusiasm of Life", which shares the display room with the photo exhibition "Fear, Bread and Faith", gives the audience a chance to look at Platonov's contemporaries, read about what made them anxious, concerned and happy, to recreate the life of the city and the country in the early XX century.

"Kommuna" newspaper ("Voronezhskaya Kommuna / Voronezh Commune" from 1919 to 1928) was founded in 1917. According to Andrey Platonov, he "served "Voronezhskaya Kommuna "...from 1919 to 1923. For all the further generations of the "communers" the classicist of the Russian literature came top of the literary work everyone aspires to.

"A newspaper is a means of expression of everyday thoughts and reflections of a human society. A newspaper is the consciousness of the society and its instrument for struggle for improvement"

Andrey Platonov, from the article "A Newspaper and its meaning"

"A newspaper should be not only a constant professional meeting of proletariat, but also the cinematography of life"

Andrey Platonov, from the article "A Picturesque Newspaper"