Night of Modern Choreography

Vladimir Vasiliev workshop
Main programme
6 June 2015Saturday
Opera and Ballet Theatre

Many viewers remember the successful project of 2013 year "Vladimir Vasiliev workshop ", specially prepared for the third edition of Platonov Arts Festival. The night of modern choreography on Andrey Platonov’s works will be shown again on the art forum.

Outstanding representatives of the CIS choreographers’ new generation have worked on this performance: Radu Poklitaru, Elena Bogdanovich, Vera Arbuzovova, Yuri Smekalov, Arina Panfilova, Dmitry Zalesski and Alexander Mogilev. Each of them by selecting one Andrey Platonov’s work staged a choreographic miniature with participation of Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre artists.

Vladimir Vasiliev is the author and director of this project. No doubt, he is a recognized master of ballet art who has determined the performing style of male classical dance of the latter half of the XX century. He has joined the choreographers’ miniatures in one ballet performance.