Home. Eros. Faith.

Main programme
11 June 2015Thursday
Chamber Theatre — small stage

Libretto - Andrej Kalinka, Ivan Martinka, Michal Mikuláš, Juraj Poliak
Cast - Ivan Martinka, Miriam Kalinková, Michal Mikuláš, Adam Marec, Juraj Poliak, Andrej Kalinka
Music - Andrej Kalinka
Puppets, masks - Ivan Martinka
Set design, action painting - Juraj Poliak
Costumes - Ivan Martinka, Markéta Plachá
Light design - Michal Juhás

Art-group “Med a prach” (“Honey and Dust” translated from  Slovak) is an experimental theatre founded by young directors, actors and musicians from Bratislava – Ivan Martinka, Andrej Kalinka, Michal Mikulas and Juraj Poliak.

“Home. Eros. Faith.” is a production that consists of three short novellas about three most important, according to the authors, things in life. This meditative work, a cross between theatre and ritual, is not a performance in the usual sense of the word. It is more of a fusion of stage and music techniques: the directors develop the eternal theme of relation between a man and a woman with the help of plasticity, puppets, gestures, masks and minimal number of lines.

This is what Andrej Kalinka and Ivan Martinka, the directors, say about their work, “…Home. Eros. Faith. Three significant words. We seldom use them in the same context and they do not seem conceptually related from artistic perspective either. In fact, they are often perceived as the opposites. But none can be removed. They stand for the most valuable things we have in life.

The message of this production is best summarized in the following infinite equation: Home>Eros<Faith≠Home=Faith<Eros≠Eros=Home<Faith”.

The production premiered in 2014. “Home. Eros. Faith.” was on “Mask Plus” program of the Golden Mask festival 2015.  

The performance features songs in Slovak and Latin, but almost no text.

“Exquisite theatrical animation <…> based on a few almost wordless parables about human ancestors – a man and a woman, seeking love in each other instead of peace. The duet of Martinka’s vital, supple and charismatic character (the director himself plays the leading and only male part) and his far gentler, ductile partner, who turns into a mother, or a lover, or a bird, builds on an effective fusion of physiology, animation and music”

Kristina Matvienko, theatre critic