Platonov. The First Meeting

Andrey Platonov
Main programme
5 June 2015Friday
Chamber Theatre — small stage

Running time – 1 hour 30 minutes without interval

Moscow Art Theatre School (MXAT School) is a worldwide famous university functioning on the basis of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre founded in 1943.

Victor Ryzhakov is a theatre director, teacher and the artistic director of The Meyerhold Theatre Centre. He is the Honored Artist of Russia and the winner of Stanislavsky Award in the nomination “For the development of theatre pedagogy”, the national “Golden Mask” award and others.

“Platonov. The First Meeting” is not a play in the usual sense of this word. The play consists of rather independent pieces which are connected by Andrey Platonov’s art of declamation. The play is based on the following works: “Teacher of the Sands”, “Dry Bread”, “The Potudan River”, “The Time’s Flow”, “Girl Rosa”, “At the Dawn of Misty Youth”, “Happy Moscow”,  “The Return”, “Dzhan”, “The Recovery of the Fallen”, “Alterke”, “The Gift of Life”, “Still Mother”,  “Coloured Butterfly” and “The Third Son”.

The play is staged by a young director Savva Chebotar. Experienced actors and teachers have helped the students with creating stage settings, props and costumes. The actors of   Ryzhakov’s workshop called all these things “tangible score of the play” showing not the living conditions but the characters’ way of life.

“Platonov’s life has been accompanying me for many, many years… His life is a great saga about his idea of worldwide happiness, kindness and peace and the subsequent disappointment and fatality. Nevertheless, he does not lose his faith in a man and understands that a man is the only value in the world”

Victor Ryzhakov