Vladimir Vasiliev Workshop

Platonov program
8 June 2013Saturday
Opera and Ballet Theatre

The workshop will unite a new generation of choreographers in Russia and former Soviet Union: Radu Poklitaru, Elena Bogdanovich, Vera Arbuzova, Yuri Smekalov, Arina Panfilova, Dmitry Zaleski. Each of them will choose one piece of Andrey Platonov works and together with dancers of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre create a choreographic miniature on its basis.

The author of the project is Vladimir Vasiliev, a famous Master of the ballet art who established the performing style of classical male dance in the second half of XX century. He will combine the works of choreographers in one performance. The premiere of the performance will be held at the third Platonov festival, and Vladimir Vasiliev will take part in this night.