Updates to the Platonov Festival programme

New video screenings of foreign performances have appeared in the schedule of the tenth Platonov Festival. In the Platonov programme the performance "Barrel organ" by the Actor and Puppet Theatre "Petrushka" was cancelled.

New performances of the international programme

Performances by a British choreographer Wayne McGregor and a German director Michael Thalheimer complemented the international programme of the Platonov Festival — the futuristic dance performance "Atomos" and the dramatic performance "Medea". Let us remind you that this year the international performances are presented in the format of video screenings.

Voronezh spectators are already familiar with the works of the choreographer and the director. In 2018, the festival featured the performance "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" by Michael Thalheimer and the "Berliner Ensemble" theatre, and the choreographic performance by Wayne McGregor Company closed the 8th Platonov Festival.


September 20 6p.m., 8 p.m.

Wayne McGregor Company (UK).

Choreographer – Wayne McGregor, in collaboration with the dancers.

A futuristic dance performance by the famous British avant-garde choreographer Wayne McGregor, immersing the viewer in a mesmerizing world of colour and music. A production about the nature of the human body, about what it means to be a person, to move like a person, in a world where a choreographer can make a computer a co-author...

The premiere of the performance took place in 2013.

"McGregor and his team are doing amazing things: they prove that colour has music and music has colour; they have a smell, taste, consistency - and the synthesis of the smallest particles (atoms) of all this gives rise to dance."
Online edition "BURO"

Wayne McGregor is a British choreographer and director who is internationally renowned for his choreography that tests the capabilities of the human body and for his pioneering combination of dance, film, music, visual arts, technology and science.

He is the winner of many prestigious awards, including the Critic's Circle Awards, Laurence Olivier Award, Benois de la Danse, "Golden Mask" Award. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his contribution to the development of dance art.


September 23 6 p.m.

"Berliner Ensemble" Theatre (Germany). Directed by Michael Thalheimer.

The minimalistic performance "Medea" is an unusual reading of the tragedy of the same name by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides. This is one of the most famous performances by the German director Michael Thalheimer, which became an important event at the Theatertreffen festival in 2013. Starring the outstanding actress Constance Becker.

“Whatever Thalheimer staged, Goethe, Hauptmann, Tolstoy or German drama of the 21st century, his performances are always as conventional as possible. Each time he squeezes multi-page texts, removing episodic roles and everything that is not related to the main plot. He only cares about the basis of the story, its ultimate meaning."

The premiere of the performance took place in 2012. The performance is in German with Russian subtitles.

Michael Thalheimer is a famous German director, a leading figure of the modern European stage and a regular participant in theatre festivals, winner of many awards, including the Russian "Golden Mask", the Austrian "Nestroy" and others. He is a participant of the festivals: Theatertreffen (Berlin), Wiener Festwochen (Vienna), Salzburg Festival, Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogotá and others.

The international programme of the tenth festival also includes the works by directors Christiane Jatahy, Alvis Hermanis and choreographer Angelin Preljocaj. All events can be found in the "Programme" section under the "Video" filter.

Video screenings will take place at the Venue 1900 (Vinzavod space), which will become the International Festival Centre during Platonov Festival time. Video screenings are free by prior registration through the festival website on the event pages.

The special Platonov programme of the festival, which unites productions based on the works of Andrey Platonov, lost this year the performance "Barrel organ" by the Actor and Puppet Theatre "Petrushka" (Surgut). The decision to cancel the performance was made by the theatre staff due to the difficult epidemiological situation in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

Tickets must be returned by September 27th. Detailed instructions can be found in the "Tickets" section.

Let us remind you that within the framework of the Platonov programme of the festival there will be showings of the performances "Yushka" by the theatre studio "Inclusion" (Novosibirsk) staged by Anna Zinovieva (September 22 and 23 at 4 p.m.) and "Platonov. Stories" The Vakhtangov Theatre based on the works "Unknown Flower", "Impossible", "Sand Teacher", "Potudan River", "Semen", "Yushka" directed by Anna Gorushkina (September 20).