The three exhibitions of the Platonov Festival

P. Konchalovsky "Cassis"

This year, the Platonov Festival together with its creative partners will present three exhibitions, each can claim the status of the brightest event in the forum's visual art programme.



June 3rd - July 25th

Kramskoy’s Art Museum

For the first time in Voronezh, the Platonov Festival presents an exhibition of works by the artists of the "Jack of Diamonds", a creative association that began the history of the Russian avant-garde. The exposition will include the works by M. Larionov, N. Goncharova, A. Lentulov, "sezanists" I. Mashkov, P. Konchalovsky, A. Kuprin, abstractionists V. Kandinsky, A. Exter, a suprematist I. Klyun – the artists who wrote one of the brightest pages of the Russian art.

The exhibition brings together the works from the collections of seven Russian museums, including the Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), the Saratov Art Museum named after A. Radishchev and the Kursk Art Gallery named after A. Deineka.


June 3rd - July 25th

Kramskoy’s Art Museum

Arkady Shaikhet was one of the authors (along with Alexander Rodchenko, Boris Ignatovich, Georgy Petrusov, Mikhail Prekhner) who laid the foundations of the Soviet visual culture. He was always distinguished by a fanatical attitude to work, incredible scrupulousness, the ability to grasp the essence of the moment and build an ideal composition.

Since 1925, he was the chief photographer of "Ogoniok", the most popular illustrated magazine in the USSR. The topics of his reports were very different: the fight against illiteracy and the New Economic Policy, the Lenin's death anniversary, and the anniversary of the Bolshoi Theatre, automobile factories and metallurgical plants, the life of street children and the parades on the Red Square.


June 4th – 27th

Exhibition hall on 8, Kirova street

The exhibition will present the works of two painters of different generations – a father and a daughter. The artist Yuri Zlotnikov called Pavel Nikonov's style "the art of storm and stress", and Victoria's works - "the art of confession and introspection."

Pavel Nikonov is a legend of the post-Stalinist, "thaw period" painting, one of the leaders of the "severe style". Since 1970, the artist has been dwelling on a "village" topic and, like Platonov, plunging into the cosmism of the peasant world. For 60 years he has been an active participant in the contemporary art process.

Victoria Nikonova's paintings are ethereal, ghostly, often deserted. A subtle colorist and observer, the artist revealed the full depth of emotional experience, turning to simple familiar objects (windows, roofs, interior items). Her works are close to abstraction, but there is a figurative source behind each pictorial motif.

There is a single ticket for both festival exhibitions at the Kramskoy’s Art Museum. It can be purchased at the museum's ticket office (cash only).

Free admission to the exhibition "Substance of existence. Victoria and Pavel Nikonov. Painting"