The schedule of the Platonov Festival for September has been announced

The tenth Platonov Arts Festival will be held from September 13th to the 27th.

The directorate of the art forum is monitoring the situation with the pandemic of the coronavirus infection in the world and is ready for various scenarios.

"While doing everything possible to preserve the festival, we certainly take into account a number of factors that directly affect its organization: the need of lifting of the ban on cultural events, opening of the borders and resumption of international flights, possible changes in the exchange rate and the cost of tickets for airplanes and trains. So far, we have too many unknown variables. However, we continue to fight for the festival. Today Platonov is one of the few major international festivals that, we believe, will still take place this year!" — comments the artistic director of the Platonov Festival Mikhail Bychkov.

If the epidemiological situation in the world and in Russia is stabilized by September and there will be an opportunity to host foreign artists in Voronezh, the programme of the anniversary festival will undergo minor changes, "losing" only 4 of the previously announced events.

The new schedule is presented in the table

Performances with the dates which are to be confirmed

Some creative teams have confirmed their participation in the Platonov festival, however, the exact dates of their performances will be announced later.

“Today, theatre and dance troupes, musicians from all over the world are changing their touring plans. Many have to abandon a number of projects since the majority of them have been postponed to the autumn as otherwise they would have been held in parallel with each other and the events that were originally planned for September. Our partners assured us that participation the Platonov festival is still among their priorities, we have agreed on the preliminary dates with each team and for now, we focus on them. We will be able to announce the dates of the showings for the productions in question prior to July 1st”, — said Mikhail Bychkov.

The dates for the following performances will appear on the playbill later:

  • "Odyssey", Thalia Theater Hamburg (Germany), directed by Anto Romero Nunez;
  • "What if they went to Moscow?" by Vértice de Teatro (Brazil). The performance directed by Christiane Jatahy was based on Anton Chekhov’s play “Three Sisters”.

Cancelled Events

Unfortunately, not all the teams were able to reschedule the performances to fit into the framework of the Platonov Festival in the autumn. The following performances and concerts will not take place:

  • The concert of the trio: Behzod Abduraimov (Uzbekistan), Mark Bushkov (Belgium) and Jonathan Roseman (Finland), June 9th;
  • The choreographic performance "#Minaret" by a choreographer Omar Rajeh, Lebanon, June 10th and 11th;
  • An open-air event "World music" in the White Well: the bands HRDZA (Slovakia), The Dead South (Canada) and Orange Blossom (France-Egypt), June 13th;
  • The concert of Alex Mendham and his orchestra "Tuning into the 20" (Great Britain), June 20th.

Thus, the theatre and music programme of the 10th forum will be represented by the teams and soloists from 12 countries: Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, France, and South Korea.

Shall no guarantee appear in the months to follow that the foreign creative groups are able to resume their touring and come to Russia, the directorate would consider the option of retaining only the Russian part of the programme. So far, all the domestic musicians and theatre troupes have confirmed rescheduling of their performances within the framework of the Platonov Festival to September, of course, provided that the current restrictions on holding mass events and travelling between regions will be lifted by autumn.

Literature and contemporary art programmes

Work on the formation of the literary programme is in progress too. The traditional book fair will be held from September 25th until September 27th with creative meetings with writers taking place in it. Some famous Russian writers, poets, publicists have previously confirmed their participation:

  • a writer, a literary critic, a journalist Alexander Arkhangelsky. He is the founder and the president of the Academy of Russian Contemporary Literature (ARSS), the Academy of Russian Television, a professor at the Higher School of Economics. He is a laureate of the award "Yasnaya Polyana — 2019", the "Big Book — 2018" and many others. Arkhangelsky is the author of many works, such as "Free People" (2017), "Verification Bureau" (2018) and "Dissenting Theodore" (2020);
  • a poet, a novelist, and essayist Maria Stepanova. She is a laureate of numerous awards, including the Andrey Bely award, the Boris Pasternak award, and the Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund award. Stepanova is a laureate of the "Big Book — 2018" national award, the "New Literature — 2018" award. She is the author of twelve poetry books, collections of essays, philosophical prose. In 2020, Maria Stepanova published two poetry books — "The Old World. Fixing Life" and "To Stevie Smith". Her book, "In Memory of the Memory", blurring the line between fiction and non-fiction literature, has become a true intellectual bestseller;
  • a writer, a journalist, a screenwriter, a war correspondent, and a presenter Dmitry Glukhovsky. He is the winner of the "Eurocon — 2007" competition, the "Utopiales — 2014" award, the Russian Film Festival 2019 in Honfleur. His novel "Metro 2033" about the life of Muscovites after a nuclear disaster was published with a total circulation of 250 thousand copies and became the main bestseller of the year 2007. He is the author of the books "Future", "Text" and many others;
  • a poet, a playwright, and an illustrator Dana Sideros. She is a laureate of the "Remark" competition of new drama and the "Nova" award. Her plays were shortlisted for the "Debut" award, the "Eurasia" International Dramatists competition, and the modern drama competition "Culmination". Sideros is the author of the plays "The Wall of the Living", "A Little Remark" and "To whom it may concern", two poetry books — "Joke’s Over", "The Students of the Fool";
  • a writer and an actor Grigoriy Sluzhitel. He is a laureate of the "Big Book — 2019" award, the "Yasnaya Polyana — 2019" award. His debut novel "Savely’s Days" (2018) was included in the long-list of the "NOS" award ("New Literature") and was given a special award for "Special Handwriting". He is a nominee of the award "National Bestseller — 2019", "NOS — 2018" and the finalist of two awards in 2019 — "Yasnaya Polyana" and "Big Book";
  • a publisher and a publicist Boris Kupriyanov. He is the organizer of the "Falanster" store in the center of contemporary art "Winzavod" and the intellectual literature book store in the center of modern culture "Garage". He was the programme director of the International Moscow Open Book Festival. He is a member of the expert council of the non/fiction fair, a member of the Literary Academy of the National Literary Award "Big Book".

The programme of exhibitions remains unchanged. The exhibition programme at the festival will include:

  • An exhibition of works by Alexander Drevin and Nadezhda Udaltsova from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum and the Tula Museum of Fine Arts;
  • An exhibition "Mikhail Prekhner. The 1930s" from the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow;
  • "A ditch". A series of works by an artist Sergei Baranov based on the novels of Andrey Platonov (in cardboard, applique, acrylic, pencil).

How to purchase and refund tickets

The tickets for the events of the Platonov Festival purchased earlier will still be valid for the performances and concerts in September, they don’t have to be changed. For the convenience of the audience, the previous date of the event is indicated for each performance and concert in addition to the new date and time.

It will be possible to refund tickets from June 1st, 2020.

More information on the terms of purchasing and refunding of tickets can be found in the "Tickets" section.