The exhibitions of the anniversary festival continue their work

Exhibitions of the anniversary Platonov Arts Festival continue their work.

Two exhibitions are presented in the Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy. They will be open to visitors until October 4th.

For the exhibition in Voronezh, 45 paintings and graphic works, which show the evolution of the authors, were selected.

The fate of this pair of artists reflected all the breaks of the era, which at the festival is conventionally called "Platonov's". The couple left a noticeable mark in the history of the Russian avant-garde.

"Almost all periods of their creativity are represented, but the emphasis is on the early 1920s, when they were together. This is the deepest paintings that everyone should get to know! - says Alisa Lyubimova, leading researcher of the painting department of the late 19th - early 20th centuries at the Russian Museum. - Until recently, Udaltsova was considered the "Amazon of the Russian avant-garde" and was known mainly for her paintings in the spirit of cubo-futurism. But she deliberately renounced this past of hers, turning to the legacy of Cezanne and Matisse and developing her own plastic language."

The exposition combines 77 photographs of the Russian photography classic, chronicler of the first five-year plans.

Mikhail Prekhner made reports about the new Moscow, went on business trips for the magazine "USSR at Construction", and filmed official events like the First Congress of Soviet Writers and the mysteries of Buryat shamans.

Mikhail Prekhner died while filming the battles for Tallinn in the first year of the Great Patriotic War. His artistic legacy was forgotten for a long time.

The photographs of Mikhail Prekhner that were saved thanks to the archive of his daughter, were presented in the projects of the Union of Photographers at group exhibitions in recent years: "The Age of Optimism", "The beach", "The wildebeest", "Art and Propaganda in Soviet Photography" and many others. The first personal exhibition of the master was held in the "Fotosoyuz" gallery of the Union of Russian Photographers in the spring of 2008. Subsequent retrospective solo exhibitions were presented at the MAMM in 2013 and 2018, which now houses a collection of the photographer's work.

"Mikhail Prekhner’s life was cut short at his creative take-off - he was only 30 years old, by that time he had managed to prove himself as an interesting and original photo artist, his work was noted at exhibitions. Alexander Rodchenko said that the main thing in Prekhner's work is that he tried to bring the latest technical achievements of that time into the photography," said the director of the Regional Museum named after Kramskoy Olga Ryabchikova.

The third exhibition of the tenth Platonov Festival is located in the Voronezh Chamber Theatre Gallery and will continue its work until October 14th.

The exposition includes 18 paintings in various media: cardboard, applique technique, acrylic paint, pencil. The author of the works is Sergey Baranov, an Omsk artist and designer, as well as a curator of numerous exhibitions. Now he lives in Salekhard and works at the Shemanovsky Museum-Exhibition Complex.

"I am sure that these works are an adornment of our exhibition programme, - said the artistic director of the festival, Mikhail Bychkov. - Today's event continues the process that we are trying to track within the framework of our exhibition projects, presenting to the public the process of interpretation, understanding the heritage of the person after whom our festival is named".