September 27 - the final day of the festival

The final day of the "Book Festival" - the Book Fair of the Platonov Festival, which brought together more than 100 Russian independent publishing houses, has passed.

The final meeting of the literary programme with the poet, writer, editor Alexander Skidan took place at the Petrovskiy Book Club. At the meeting, he spoke about his novel "Guide to N" and presented a collection of poems "Contamination", which included the poet's works of the last two years.

"Art is a serum that is inoculated in order to produce antibodies. Art can kill and maybe save. It all depends on the dose ... I am closer to art that preserves duality and ambiguity. It excites us, makes us think, develop, read, seek answers. Not to rest on something already formulated. This is the art of asking uncomfortable and sometimes painful questions," shared Alexander Skidan.

The second showing of the performance "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" by the Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin (Moscow), directed by Declan Donnellan, took place on the stage of the Voronezh Concert Hall. The performance was created in collaboration with Cheek by Jowl Theatre Company. Thus, the festival ended with a performance that raises questions about the conflict between the theatre and its audience. If in the performance the viewer, in some way, defeats art, in life the question "Who has won?" still remains open.

"We play this performance in many cities and the audience reacts differently. Sometimes the audience applauds us, not letting us finish the lines. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, it is annoying, because it feels: people just want to laugh. Who is to blame? Only our time, the time of farce" - said the actor of the play Alexander Feklistov.