September 26 - the fourteenth day of the festival

The book fair on the Soviet Square continued its work; it presented books of various genres from more than 100 independent Russian publishing houses.

In the afternoon, the traditional reading relay took place - the Platonov's word sounded for three hours. More than 60 participants of different professions and ages came to the Soviet Square to read science fiction stories by Andrey Platonov: "Descendants of the Sun", "Satan of Thought", "In the Starry Desert", "The Fierce and Beautiful World", "The Lunar Bomb".

The early stories of the writer, written under the influence of the philosophy of Russian cosmism and in dispute with it, raise the topics of the human heart and inhuman machine, conscious and love related. Voronezh philologists, poets, artists, musicians, lawyers, pensioners, housewives and festival participants read about the utopian worlds of the future.

In the evening, the literary programme continued at the Petrovskiy Book Club with a meet-the-artist event with Dana Sideros, a poet, a playwright, an illustrator, the laureate of the "Nova" award at the Perm festival "SlovoNova" (2013), the author of two poetry collections "The joke is over" (2011) and "The fool's apprentice" (2015). The plays won the new drama competition "Remark". Dana is a frequent guest of poetry meetings in Voronezh. Performances based on the plays of Sideros have been staged at the Satyricon and Globus theatres.

The dramatic section of the programme of the jubilee festival was supplemented by the performance "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" by the Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin (Moscow) directed by Declan Donnellan. The performance was created in collaboration with Cheek by Jowl Theatre Company.

This is a relevant story about the conflict between the theatre and its audience. If in the performance the viewer, in some way, defeats art, in life the question "Who has won?" still remains open.

"Spectators in different cities perceive the performance in different ways. The viewer decides what he is shown: culture or entertainment. The actors are faced with the question: "What do we do: serve or speak out?" We often lose here. For us, this is a performance with an open ending - we will go to the next city, which means that no one knows who will win this time," said actor Andrey Kuzichev.

The performance was included in the long-list of the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask - 2020", and is the winner of the "Crystal Turandot" award in the category "Best Performance."