September 15 - the third day of the festival

The third exhibition of the tenth Platonov festival opened in the gallery of the Chamber Theatre - "Foundation Pit" by Sergey Baranov (cardboard, applique work, acrylic paint, pencil). In a series of works, the artist presented his vision of the story of the same name by Andrey Platonov, which turned 90 this year.

Sergey Baranov is an artist working with various media, designer and curator of exhibition projects. His works are in many Russian state museums, foreign and private collections. The cycle, dedicated to Andrey Platonov's story "The Foundation Pit", includes 18 paintings in mixed techniques.

"Andrey Platonov's "Foundation Pit", read in "Novy Mir" in 1987, has become one of the most important books in my life as an example of a paradoxical, impossible, and at the same time extremely honest language. 2020 marks the 90th anniversary of the writing of "Foundation Pit". I am very happy to show the entire series at the X International Platonov Festival in the homeland of Andrey Platonov - in Voronezh, and then in my homeland - in Omsk at the Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts named after M.A.Vrubel", - commented Sergey Baranov on the cycle of his works.

On the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre, a recital of the pianist Mikhail Pletnev, People's Artist of Russia, winner of the Grammy and Triumph awards, as well as the Platonov Prize "for the depth and harmony of the interpretation of the world musical heritage" took place. One of the most extraordinary musicians of our time, who combines the outstanding talents of a pianist, conductor and composer. The musician performed the famous compositions by Frederic Chopin.

The Nikitinsky Theatre hosted the premiere of the performance "Twelfth Night, or What You Will" based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare directed by Yuri Muravitsky. The performance opened the Voronezh programme called "Festival Format", which brought together the brightest performances of Voronezh theatres of the last two seasons. Special guests are invited to view the performances - festival curators and the federal press.

The main feature of this production is that each performance is played in a different acting combination: at the beginning of the performance, right in front of the audience, the actors, by lot, distribute the roles among themselves. This means that each show will be unique and unrepeatable.

The Theatre for Young Spectators and the Voronezh Concert Hall hosted the second showings of the performances "Crime and Punishment" (Theatre "Priyut Comedianta") and "Second Hand Time" (Drama Theatre, Omsk).

The opera "The Magic Flute" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was shown as part of the international programme "World Theatre on Screen". Director - Simon McBurney, Music Director - Pablo Heras-Casado. The opera was shown at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in 2014.

Simon McBurney is a famous British actor and director, founder of the Complicité theatre company. The first British theatre figure to be presenting a personal programme at the Avignon Festival in 2012 (the festival opened with "Master and Margarita"). Simon McBurney loves to work with sounds, his theatre can be partly called a radio theatre, and this quality is manifested even in opera, where it would seem that interference in the musical design of the performance is not entirely appropriate.