September 14 - the second day of the festival

The theatrical programme of the jubilee X Platonov Festival on the stage of the Voronezh Concert Hall was opened by the piercing performance of the Omsk Drama Theatre "Second Hand Time". The performance, based on the documentary story by Svetlana Aleksievich about the collapse of the USSR, is a five-time nominee for the Russian national theatre award "Golden Mask" - 2019. Director - Dmitry Egorov.

"The performance occupies a special place in the theatre's repertoire, since it is not based on a work of art. This is documentary prose, monologues of real people, which we had to appropriate for ourselves through our own experience, through the prism of the life baggage. This material cannot be played without a "heart". Perhaps that is why the performance finds such a response from a completely different audience. Perhaps this is the most honest performance in our repertoire. It is not easy, it hurts. It has that degree of openness, honesty and impartiality that makes art art. It demonstrates a certain cross-section - temporal, epochal, human and theatrical. The play does not give answers to questions, it asks them itself," said the theatre actor, participant of the play Oleg Teploukhov.

On the stage of the Theatre for Young Spectators, the first showing of the play "Crime and Punishment" of the St. Petersburg theatre "Priyut Comedianta" was held, directed by Konstantin Bogomolov. The leading roles in the production were played by Dmitry Lysenkov (Rodion Raskolnikov), Alexander Novikov (Porfiry Petrovich), Valery Degtyar (Arkady Svidrigailov) and Marina Ignatova (Sonya Marmeladova). The performance has 8 nominations for the Russian national theatrical award "Golden Mask" - 2020.

"In the asceticism of the decorations: grey scale, low ceiling, geometric elements of walls and doors, I find the forerunner of fascism. Raskolnikov is essentially a fascist element. Yes, for us he is a suffering hero, we romanticise him, but in general the division of people into ordinary and extraordinary is the idea of fascism", said Dmitry Lysenkov.

The international programme "World Theatre on the Screen" opened with a video screening of the opera "Alcina" by George Handel. The opera was shown at the Aix-en-Provence Festival in 2015.

The Aix-en-Provence Opera Festival is one of the oldest and most famous international theatre forums in the world. Along with the Avignon Festival, it is one of the most recognisable theatre brands in France.

It is directed by Katie Mitchell. In dramatic performances, she often creates a cinema theatre: videographers, together with a large technical team, shoot a film, which is edited and broadcasted right in the course of the action. Katie Mitchell is the laureate of numerous awards, including the European New Theatrical Reality Award and the status of an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

The programme is supported by the French Institute in Russia.