Platonov Festival invites journalists

Dear journalists, bloggers, photographers, we are announcing accreditation to cover the events of the tenth Platonov Arts Festival. Applications are accepted until September 9, 2020 inclusive.

Accreditation is carried out in two stages:

1. The media sends an application for accreditation of their employees to with the subject line "Accreditation of [Media name]".

The application must indicate:

• the name of the media, its address and contacts,

• a list of journalists planning to cover the events of the festival (full name, position), and their contact information (e-mail and telephone for operational communication).

If you have already released announcements of the events of the X Platonov Festival, please attach links or files to your letter.

Priority in accreditation is given to those media outlets that have published a detailed announcement about the Platonov Arts Festival.

Bloggers, operators, freelance photographers send a similar application with the indication in the body of the letter "Accreditation [Blogger / Photographer / Operator]". These applications will be reviewed separately.

After getting the accreditation, media employees receive badges that give them the right to participate in press conferences and press screenings, visit exhibitions free of charge, as well as conduct photo and video filming of certain festival events, agreed in duration with the festival management.

Accreditation does not mean that the Directorate of the Platonov Festival will cover the travel and accommodation costs of journalists, and will also provide invitation tickets for performances and concerts (requests for attending events of the Theatre and Music programmes are considered separately).

2. The media fill out an electronic application for invitations to specific performances and concerts of the festival. You can find the application form here.

An application for invitation tickets may be fully satisfied, partially satisfied or not satisfied at all - this is due to the fact that the number of seats in the auditoriums is limited. If the press office is unable to provide you with an invitation to the event, we will inform you about it.

More about the accreditation rules

Head of the Information and PR Department of the Directorate of the Platonov Arts Festival

Nina Voropaeva

+7 980 34 94 105