Participants of the open-air event "On the sand" are announced

On June 23rd-25th, as part of the XII International Platonov Arts Festival, the open-air event "On the sand" will be held for the first time on the embankment of the Petrovskaya naberezhnaya. Musicians from Moscow, Cherkessk, St. Petersburg, Makhachkala and Kazan will perform in Voronezh.

"On the Sand" is a new music project of the Directorate of the International Platonov Arts Festival, which unites modern Russian bands and is aimed primarily at the young audience. On the first day of the open-air event, on June 23rd, on the embankment of the Petrovskaya naberezhnaya, the spectators will see the artists who reinterpret the folklore of different regions of Russia: the bands "Gollu" from Cherkessk and "hodíla ízba" from Moscow.

"Gollu" is a project of the ethnographic label Ored Recordings, performing traditional Karachay-Balkar music. A team of young like-minded people collects information about native music, studies archives, musical scores and restores authentic instruments (kyl-kobuz violin and sybyzgy end-blown flute) and half-forgotten song genres: from heroic ballads to ritual dance melodies (Gollu is actually the name of one of the dances). The chamber and melodic folk of the group is not a reconstruction and an attempt to imitate grandparents, but modern, fresh music that preserves the traditions of the peoples of the Caucasus.

High-pitched Russian chants and traditional songs meet and fall in love with jazz hooligans in the "hodíla ízba" project. Graduates of the Gnesin Academy, in collaboration with musicians from popular bands, combine the voices of the villages, wonderful texts and rituals of our ancestors with jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and trip-hop, striving for a cathartic experience in which joy, sadness, excitement, mysticism and silence are equally important.

The second day of the open-air event will be dedicated to jazz, funk and hip-hop. The programme includes performances by the St. Petersburg team "Dizzy Dutch Duck" and the Dagestan band "neee, ti shto."

"Dizzy Dutch Duck" is a band created by a St. Petersburg-based trombonist and arranger Anton Boyarskikh. The musicians perform modern jazz, which sounds equally appropriate both within the walls of the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella and the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, as well as at the Stereoleto festival, Present Perfect Festival or in the K-30 space. Polygenre, polyrhythm, skillful arrangement, improvisation and flexibility of the musical form clearly characterise the debut full-length album "Dizzy Club", which the musicians will present in Voronezh.

In just a couple of years, the young band from Dagestan "neee, ti shto" managed to go from recording in the artistic studio of a friend to the stage of the Chess & Jazz festival and getting into the list of the main characters of 2023 "The Blueprint 100". Love for Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, rap avant-garde MF Doom and modern British jazzmen Kamaal Williams and Shabaka Hutchings, as well as street groove, slang words and a scattering of local references in the texts – all this is reflected in the music of the distinctive duo – Ramazan Mallaev and Rasul Mahaliev.

On June 25th, Voronezh residents will meet indie pop groups. On the final day of the open-air event "On the sand" the bands "Vtoroy etazh porazhaet" (Moscow), "OMMAGE" (Kazan) and "Sozvezdie Otrezok" (Moscow) will perform.

"One of the most interesting rock performers of the moment," – this is what Afisha Daily wrote about the Moscow band "Vtoroy etazh porazhaet" last year after the release of the album "Dvortsy". Combining psychedelic post-rock with dream pop, intricate rhythms and ethnic elements on the new disc, the musicians convey through their songs that state of reflection, when even in the darkest times hope for light does not disappear.

Synth-pop romance combined with texts in the Tatar language is the distinctive feature of the Kazan band "OMMAGE". The interweaving of modern poetry and nostalgic sound unexpectedly takes the listener several decades back into the atmosphere of disco and British indie pop. "This is how The Weeknd would sound if he ate echpochmaks and drank ayran," the blog "Rodnoy Zvuk" reviews the band's new record.

"Sozvezdie Otrezok" is a project in which members of the "Hadn Dadn" band – Varya Kraminova and Nikita Chernat, author and vocalist Anton Dvortsevoy and sound producer Iskander Yerimbetov met. Distinctive alternative pop by "Sozvezdie Otrezok" is a wide range of dance music with massive synths, guitar in unexpected manifestations and flirting with tradition and psychedelia. The brightest hallmark of the band is lively costume numbers with the overflowing energy of a rock concert and bewitching mystery.