Mikhail Bychkov leaves his position at the Platonov Arts Festival

«Dear friends and colleagues! On March 9th, I am finishing my work as artistic director of the Platonov Arts Festival. Almost twelve years of work on this project, which now serves to give Voronezh access to the world art in its most diverse manifestations, and which opens Voronezh to the world as one of the most hospitable centres of Russian culture, is coming to an end.

The world has changed and the festival will inevitably change in this new circusmtances.

By making this decision, I hope that everything that we have done with the festival team in all these years has not been in vain. I hope that this young yet very professional team will be able to maintain a high creative and organisational level of the future editions of the Platonov Arts Festival and other projects that the directorate of the festival sets to do, and will find new ways and opportunities for work.

I would like to thank the partners of the Platonov Arts Festival in many countries all over the world as well as in Russia for their cooperation, everyone who helped its development and transformation into one of the main cultural forums in the country.

I will focus on my work in the Chamber Theatre that I founded which is the main project of my life.»


Mikhail Vladimirovich, we would like to thank you for what you have been doing all these years for the region, the city and for each of us; for your taste, perseverance, position of principle, ability to unite like-minded people around you and share experience, to teach. Through all the festival years, it have been visited by artists from 55 countries, we came up with and carried out many special projects, introduced Voronezh residents to current trends in art, overcame difficulties together; even the pandemic failed to break our faith in the common cause. The idea of ​​openness to the world, interaction and solidarity was and, as we think, remains of utmost importance, and we would very much like to see it become possible again. We hope that we will be able to worthily continue the work begun by you, and that circumstances will allow us to work together again as soon as possible.


With gratitude, respect and love, the Platonov Arts Festival team.