Meet-the-artist events

As part of the literary programme of the X Platonov Festival, creative meetings with prominent Russian writers and literary men will take place.

Platonov readings. "In the land of paternal affection"

All-Russian scientific conference

September 18th, 11:00

Voronezh State University

The All-Russian scientific conference "Platonov readings" organized by the VSU professor Tamara Nikonova and Natalya Kornienko, the RAS corresponding member, will be held as a part of the anniversary Platonov Festival edition. "In the land of paternal affection" is the second conference in a series of scientific symposia within the framework of the agreement between the VSU and the IWL. It will be attended by Russian researchers of Andrey Platonov's works, including employees of the Institute of World Literature of the RAS and publishers who have been publishing the collected works of the writer for many years.

Boris Kupriyanov

September 18th, 17:00

He is a publisher, the co-owner of the "Falanster" bookstore, a member of the expert council of the International Fair of Intellectual Literature "Non / fiction", the creator of the online source about literature "Gorky", an ideologist of the creation of the Alliance of Independent Publishers and Book Distributors of Russia. He is a former deputy director of the Moscow City Library Centre (from 2013 to 2015), was involved in the reformation of the Moscow libraries.

Grigory Sluzhitel

September 19th, 16:00

He is a theatre and film actor, a musician, the author of the bestselling book "The days of Savely" that was awarded the Russian literary awards "The big book" and "Yasnaya polyana". He graduated from the directing department of the GITIS (the workshop of Sergey Zhenovach). He is also an actor in the Studio of Theatre Arts, the lead singer of the band "O'Casey".

The presentation of new publications by A. Platonov and the letters from readers to M. Sholokhov

September 20th, 12:00

The presentation of scientific publications issued during the year under the editorship of Natalya Kornienko:

  • the 4th volume of the collected works of Andrey Platonov, including the texts of 1928-1932,
  • Archive of A.P. Platonov. Book 2: Description of the Chevengur manuscript. Dynamic transcription,
  • "Please answer me on the merits ...". The letters from readers to M. Sholokhov (1929-1955).

The meeting is held by:

Natalia Kornienko — a literary critic, the corresponding member of the RAS, the head of the Department of Contemporary Russian Literature and Literature of the Russian Abroad of the Institute of World Literature named after A.M. Gorky, the head of the Platonov group of the IWL, a specialist in the history of Russian literature of the XX century, textual criticism and source study, the compiler of scientific publications of A. Platonov.

Elena Shubina — a literary critic, a publisher, the editor-in-chief of the Elena Shubina editorial office (AST). A member of the Editorial Board of the Academic Collected Works of Andrey Platonov (the IWL RAS). The compiler and commentator of the two-volume book "Andrey Platonov. The memoirs of contemporaries. Materials for biography" and "Problems of creativity" (together with N. Kornienko), a member of the Literary Academy "The big book".

Alexander Arkhangelsky

September 20th, 15:00

He is a literary critic, a publicist, a writer, a professor of the Higher School of Economics. He is also the author and presenter of many television projects; currently, he hosts the TV show "Meanwhile" on the TV channel "Culture". He is the author of a number of novels - "The bureau of verification", "1962. The epistle to Timofey", "The price of cutting off", etc. and several textbooks on Russian literature. This year the publishing house "AST" issued a new book from the series "Happy life" about the French slavist "Russophile. The life story of Georges Niva, told by himself."

Dana Sideros

September 26th, 18:00

She is a poet, a playwright, an illustrator, the laureate of the "Nova" award at the Perm festival "SlovoNova" (2013), the author of two poetry collections "The joke is over" (2011) and "The fool's apprentice" (2015). The plays won the new drama competition "Remark". Dana is a frequent guest of poetry meetings in Voronezh. Several performances based on her plays have been staged at the Satyricon and Globus theatres.

Alexander Skidan

September 27th, 17:00

He is a poet, a writer, an editor of the contemporary literature department at the "New Literary Review" magazine, the laureate of the Andrey Bely Prize and a translator of American poetry. He collaborates with the literary-critical magazine "Translit"; he is a member of the creative platform of the left-wing artists and activists "What is to be done?" He lives in St. Petersburg. A new collection of poems by Alexander will be released in September at the publishing house "Word Order".

All creative meetings and presentation of the new publications by A. Platonov will take place in the "Petrovskiy" book club.
Admission is free by prior registration.
The number of seats is limited.