June 23rd - the twenty-second day of the festival

The new project of the Platonov Arts Festival - the open-air event "On the Sand" - has started. The bands "Gollu" from Cherkessk and "hodíla ízba" from Moscow have performed on Petrovskaya Embankment.

On the first day of the open-air event "On the Sand" on Petrovskaya Embankment, the musicians who reinterpret the folklore of different regions of Russia performed.

"Gollu is the name of an old ritual dance that was performed on the day of the spring equinox, as well as a genre of songs," said Aznaur Totorkulov, a member of the group of the same name. – "We perform traditional Karachay-Balkar music. It is, unfortunately, in poor condition and there are no bands that perform it in an interpretation, which is close to the original. We chose this authentic style, because it was important for us to get to the bottom of the real Karachay-Balkar sound. We started by studying different sources, restoring musical instruments, visiting museums and taking measurements. In 2016, we created a team and began to learn the material. We released our first album early this year and are now preparing our second one."

The musicians of the Moscow band "hodíla ízba", on the contrary, are looking for a new sound of Russian folk music, combining traditional tunes with jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and trip-hop. "It seems to me that folklore is a living history, it is constantly being formed," said the vocalist of the band, Marina Rozhkova. – "There are people who study folklore and leave it in its original form, but we want to experiment with it a little and convey it to people who have never come into contact with it and are not familiar with folklore. It seems to me that this is a good form for attracting people to a tradition that we have begun to forget."

The exhibitions "Robert Falk. Painting and Graphic arts" and "Alexander Rodchenko" in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy and the project of Evgeny Kravtsov "Corrosion" in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists on 8, Kirova street continue welcoming the visitors.