June 18th - the seventeenth day of the festival

The seventeenth day of the festival was dedicated to the art of opera. Ramiz Usmanov, Enkhbat Tuvshinjargal and Saltanat Akhmetova performed at the Green Theatre, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Voronezh Concert Hall.

Ramiz Usmanov (tenor, Uzbekistan), Enkhbat Tuvshinjargal (baritone, Mongolia) and Saltanat Akhmetova (soprano, Kazakhstan) performed masterpieces of world opera classics. "The programme of the evening includes arias and duets from famous operas. Many of them are familiar to the listener, even to those who are not fond of classical music," the artists said. – "Despite the fact that we gathered in Voronezh only on the eve of the concert, we have known each other for a long time, often perform together and know each other's voices well. We have also had experience with the Symphony Orchestra of the Voronezh Concert Hall and the maestro Yuri Androsov, so the rehearsal went quickly and smoothly."

The exhibitions "Robert Falk. Painting and Graphic arts" and "Alexander Rodchenko" in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy and the project of Evgeny Kravtsov "Corrosion" in the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists on 8, Kirova street continue welcoming the visitors.