June 11th - the ninth day of the festival

One of the annual traditions of the festival is the book fair. Pavilions with children's literature, memoirs, books on psychology, philosophy, sociology and art, as well as publications of modern and classical prose and poetry await guests of the festival on Sovetskaya Square from June 11th to June 13th.

The Children pavilion is also open this year. Master classes and a game lesson for young readers were held. The guys solved puzzles and charades, learned to think creatively with the help of improvised objects and behave well at school, and they themselves made "Little Animals" using the technique of hand moulding

During the meet-the-artist event, Shamil Idiatullin talked with the guests of the festival about contemporary literature. He is a Russian journalist and writer, author of eight novels, laureate of the Big Book Award (2017 and 2020). Since 1988 he has been a professional journalist, since 1994 he has been cooperating with the "Kommersant" Publishing House, since 2003 – he has been working in the Moscow office of the publishing house (being the head of the correspondent network, a columnist for the Kommersant-Vlast magazine, and the head of the regional editorial office).

And a journalist, a writer, the editor-in-chief of the "SNOB" project, the author and the host of the "Cultural Exchange" programme Sergey Nikolaevich presented his book "Alla Demidova P.S. Portrait of an Actress ".

Video screenings of the performances from the programme of the German theatre festival Theatertreffen continue. Today more than 100 spectators have seen "The Notebook". This is a performance based on the "most brutal book of the 20th century" about how the Second World War turns 10-year-old twin boys into cold-blooded killers. Director Ulrich Rasche is a major figure in German-language theatre with a recognisable director's handwriting. "The Notebook" was staged at the Dresden City Theatre and is included in the Theatertreffen's Top 10 Performances of 2019 list.

The three exhibitions of the festival continue to delight art lovers at the Exhibition Hall on 8, Kirov street and at the Kramskoy’s Art Museum. We remind you that Platonov Arts Festival for the first time in Voronezh presents an exhibition of works by the artists of the "Jack of Diamonds" - a creative association that began the history of the Russian avant-garde. In the same place, in the Kramskoy’s Art Museum, there is also an exhibition of works by Arkady Shaikhet, a famous photographer, a renowned master of "truthful" reflection of Soviet reality. At the Exhibition Hall on 8, Kirova street you will find the exhibition "Substance of Existence. Victoria and Pavel Nikonov. Painting".