Following the footsteps of the "Voronezh case"

A few days ago a new project of the festival was completed – "Voronezh case. Festival format"- and now we can, albeit in the most general terms, summarise its results.

First, we would like to thank the Voronezh theatres for their solidarity, interest and conscientious preparation - we understand how difficult it was to start right off the bat after several months in quarantine. All of you are great fellows and we are all proud of you! And, of course, we are glad that two striking premieres were released for the "Case" – "Twelfth Night" at the Nikitinsky Theatre (directed by Yuri Muravitsky) and "The Raft of Medusa" at the Chamber Theatre (choreographed by Pavel Glukhov) - which, we think, will gain a foothold in the repertoire and be successful with the audience. We only regret that the hand injury of one of the artists did not allow the Puppet Theatre named after V. Volkhovsky to show the performance "Crocodile" at the festival.

Secondly, we are infinitely grateful to those guests - curators, art festivals' directors and theatre critics - who, in such a difficult time, when schedules collapse, trips and plans are thwarted, still managed to reach us. Voronezh performances were seen by both juries of the "Golden Mask" festival ("Drama and Puppets" and "Music Theatre"), art directors and curators of the "Territory", "New European Theatre" (NET), "Rainbow", and "CHAOS" festivals, "One. Two. Three", "Context. Diana Vishneva", "On the Verge", OPEN LOOK, as well as theatre and ballet critics, representatives of leading publications.

We are grateful to our foreign partners - the directors of theatrical festivals, who were ready to come to the "Voronezh Case" up to the end, if air communication between the countries were resumed.

What can we say, summing up the results of the "Case"?

When we came up with it, we, of course, did not expect that the Voronezh theatres would IMMEDIATELY receive invitations to festivals. At the beginning we set slightly less ambitious goals:

  • to get a look and opinion from the outside about the performances produced by Voronezh theatres,
  • designate Voronezh on a theatrical map as a city where you can and should come for new artistic impressions,
  • to raise the awareness of the festival curators about Voronezh, so that, if not now, but sometime in the future, when the cumulative effect is triggered, they had in mind the Voronezh performances when forming the programmes.

But in reality it turned out even better than our conservative forecasts. Already during the "Case", there were talks about the possibility of inviting several performances to festivals and conducting exchange tours. We will not announce any details for now: we will wait until ideas are formed into concrete proposals.

Many guests noted the importance and relevance of such a programme as a regional case, where can meet not only theatre critics, but primarily art directors of festivals and producers. Now the main accumulating link for the Russian theatre is the "Golden Mask" festival, and holding a regional case contributes to the decentralisation of the theatrical process and the ability of regions to communicate directly, bypassing Moscow.

If we talk about holding the "Voronezh Case" next year, we already have ideas for improving its format. We also hope that the situation in the world will allow us to make the composition of the "Case" participants international.