Five candidates for the Platonov Award have been nominated

"Throughout the 11 years, the award has been given to twelve outstanding figures of culture and art of the Russian Federation. Let's continue this tradition of preserving and spreading the literary heritage of Andrey Platonov," said Alexander Gusev, opening the meeting.

During the discussion, the participants of the meeting selected five candidates. All of them represent different types of culture and art: music, theatre, ballet and literature. The name of the laureate, who will receive a memorable award pin, a monetary prize and a diploma, will be announced at the final meeting of the Council.

The Platonov Award in the field of literature and art was established on November 25th, 2010 by the government of the Voronezh region and is awarded annually to Russian or foreign figures of literature and art for a significant contribution to the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation and the Voronezh region, for the creation of outstanding works of literature, theatre, musical, visual arts, for innovative development of humanistic and cultural traditions.

In 2022, the Platonov Award Council included Governor of the Voronezh Region, Alexander Gusev; Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Voronezh Region, Oleg Mosolov; Head of the Department of Culture of the Voronezh Region, Maria Mazur; director, Mikhail Bychkov; actor, Kamil Tukaev, director and editor-in-chief of "Podyom" magazine, Ivan Shchelokov; poet, Galina Umyvakina; writer, Alexey Varlamov; theatre critic, Alexander Vislov; literary critics, Natalya Kornienko and Elena Shubina; artist Nikolay Simonov, musicologist, Evgeny Trembovelsky.