The address of the director Lev Dodin to the audience

Today, on June 19th, the Maly Drama Theatre and the Platonov Arts Festival made a joint decision to cancel the second screening of the performance "Brothers Karamazov". We publish an appeal by the director and artistic director of MDT - Theatre of Europe Lev Dodin.

“Dear Voronezh spectators,

dear friends from Voronezh,

I must apologise both for myself and for our entire theatre, but, unfortunately, one of our artists, a performer of one of the leading roles, has been diagnosed with covid confirmed and the diagnosis has been confirmed. We carried out three tests on different systems within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is unambiguous, and the patient does not feel very well. Naturally, we have no right to release them on stage, and they have no right and, in fact, no opportunity to go on stage. Therefore, it is with great regret and sadness that we have to cancel the performances of "Brothers Karamazov". In order to play them, we have come to you. We love Voronezh very much, we have already played here several times, I am proud to be the winner of the Platonov Award. I admire your city, the Festival itself, Mikhail Bychkov, the Voronezh government, which finds it possible to spend such funds and hold international festivals. But, alas, it turns out the way it turns out. We really wanted to come to Voronezh, we rejected many other proposals. The Platonov Festival did a lot to persuade and force us to come to Voronezh and beat us off from many other applicants, but fate turned out the way it turned out.

Fate does not apologise for its steps. We offer our apologies. We are very sorry. The only thing we can promise is - if the Platonov Festival - a wonderful festival - and its organisers and the city decide next year, if we manage to defeat this plague of the twenty-first century, if they decide to invite us again, we will definitely come and play at least three performances, one of which will be charitable. We will believe that we will live to see this, we will wait for this, and nevertheless we will show you a performance on which we have worked a lot, for a long time and seriously, and you will see it and express your point of view. Once again – we are sorry.

Once again - and this is perhaps the most important thing - take care of yourself. Take care of yourself, your friends, your loved ones. And let us remember that when we take care of ourselves, we take care of all others. When we take care of all others, we take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, this simple truth is still very difficult for us to learn.

Once again – we are sorry, see you again.

Always sincerely yours,

Lev Dodin"