Cancellation of the performance "Brothers Karamazov" The Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe (St. Petersburg)

On the day of the first screening of the performance "Brothers Karamazov" on June 18th, one of the actors involved in the production encountered himself in a worsening state of health. The Maly Drama Theatre and the Platonov Arts Festival dealt with this fact responsibly and took the necessary security measures.

Since the reasons for the ailment were not clear, we decided to cancel the first showing of the performance, because neither the theatre nor the festival considered it possible to create a situation in which both spectators and participants of the performance could be exposed to the perceived danger. Several medical studies were carried out then.

Today, on June 19th, we received a positive test result for COVID-19. It is not possible to replace an artist in this performance. In such circumstances, we have no right to conduct the showing of the performance "Brothers Karamazov" and are forced to cancel it. The directorate of the festival offers its sincere apologies.

Tickets are subject to refund at the festival ticket offices and on the website