The Headwinds play: additional performance
12 June 2018
The third performance of the puppet show will be held on June, 17 at 8 p.m.
June, 10 - the fifth day of the festival
10 June 2018
A book fair opening ceremony, the first open-air as well as theatre and literature events have been held on the fifth day of the festival.
June, 9 - the fourth day of the festival
9 June 2018
A number of press conferences, plays, a round table, a film screening, a book presentation and a concert of opera singers.
June, 8 - the third day of the festival
8 June 2018
The third day of the festival has featured new exhibitions, a concert of a German cellist, plays and a film screening.
Buses to the White Well and Back
8 June 2018
On the day of the World Music in the White Well concert, visitors can get to the chalk quarry and back by free buses provided by the Festival.
June, 7 - the second day of the festival
7 June 2018
Two press conferences, three plays, two meetings within the framework of the literature programme, a film screening as well as opening ceremonies of the art centre and two exhibitions have been held today.
The festival has been launched!
6 June 2018
A press conference, a lecture, three plays and an inauguration of two exhibitions were held during the first day.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta keeps a journal of the Platonov Festival
5 June 2018
All the RG publications about the forum of arts are collected in one special project.
Theatres Parade Walks along Kirova st.
5 June 2018
Parade passes from the Solnetchni Rai shopping mall to the Opera and Ballet Theatre
Pippo Delbono: Theatre as the Distance Between…
4 June 2018
On June 9 spectators of Tales of June can attend an Alyona Karas' lecture
Open Rehearsals
29 May 2018
Open rehearsals of world-famous musicians at the Platonov Festival.
Meet-the-artist Event with Andrei Ustinov
29 May 2018
On June 6 the Faculty of Journalism of VSU hosts a meet-the-artist event with Andrei Ustinov, a music historian and the editor-in-chief of the national newspaper Muzikalnoe Obozrenie [Music Review].