ATC: The Platonov Festival has become a unique phenomenon not only in Russian, but also in the world's cultural context
23 June 2018
The Association of Theater Critics of Russia (ATC) has held an examination of the Platonov Festival’s programme.
8th International Platonov Arts Festival is finished
17 June 2018
More than 100 000 spectators from different cities have visited the events of the Festival.
June 16 – the eleventh day of the festival
16 June 2018
Press conferences, concerts, performances, Spacious Universe programme and the festival's third open air event
June 15 – the tenth day of the festival
15 June 2018
Press conferences, performances, concerts and Platonov Award ceremony.
Timetable of buses to Ramon and back
15 June 2018
On June 16, the day when a concert will be held in the park of the Ramon Castle, the spectators will be able to get to the venue by the free festival buses.
June 14 – the nineth day of the festival
14 June 2018
Russian opening night of the play "Semyon" from Bulgaria, a presentation of Marina Davydova's book, a concert of Itamar Golan and Ilya Gringolts with Playlist#1 anniversary programme of Angelin Preljocaj in the final part of the evening programme.
June, 13 - the eighth day of the festival
13 June 2018
The Festival Night at the dam, two plays, two recitals and a concert in the philharmonic hall.
Meet-the-artist Event with Vladimir Martynov
13 June 2018
On June 16, 19:00, at Voronezh Concert Hall, the composer presents his book Silence As If for Half an Hour. Letters from Nefeli.
Tall Heights Concert on the Chernavskiy Bridge Dam
13 June 2018
How to get to the venue, where to park yout car and other useful information.
June 12 - the seventh day of the festival
12 June 2018
Platonov Festival has crossed its equator but there are still many interesting events left.The Festival and Voronezh celebrated Russia Day together.
The festival hosts a meet-the-artist event with Anatoli Vasilyev
12 June 2018
On June 16, 14:00 on the small stage of the Drama Theatre
Pushkin Games duel-parade will be held at the Kirova Street
12 June 2018
We would like to remind you that the venue of the annual procession has been changed.The parade will start at 2 p.m near the Solnechnii Rai shopping centre.