June 15th – the thirteenth day of the festival
16 June 2021

The performances "The Wharf" - the story of the heroes against the background of pre-dawn Moscow and the "thaw", and "Son" - the tragic events of one family based on the play by the popular European playwright.

June 14th - the twelfth day of the festival
15 June 2021

Awarding the composer Leonid Desyatnikov with the Platonov Award, showings of the performances "The Wharf" and "Faust", a meet-the-artist event with Vyacheslav Shmyrov.

Leonid Desyatnikov became the laureate of the Platonov Award-2021
15 June 2021

For outstanding achievements in the development of musical traditions and creative courage

Open rehearsal of Zlatomir Fung and Alexei Melnikov
14 June 2021

On June 18th at 1 p.m.

June 13th - the eleventh day of the festival
14 June 2021

Performances and the long-awaited open-air event - a grand concert World Music in the White Well

Tickets to the White Well on the day of the concert
13 June 2021

You can buy tickets at the entrance to the White Well only by cash.

Rescheduling of video screenings of the performances "Three Sisters" and "Faust"
12 June 2021

"Three Sisters" – on June 12th and "Faust" – on June 14th

June 12th - the tenth day of the festival
12 June 2021

Showings of the performances, the reading relay race, meet-the-writer event and the book fair

Alexey and Tatiana Gordeev were the guests of the XI Platonov Festival.
11 June 2021

The showing of the performance of the Moscow theatre "School of Modern Drama" was attended by the guests that are very important for us – a Russian statesman and a politician Alexey Gordeev and his wife Tatyana Gordeeva.

June 11th - the ninth day of the festival
11 June 2021

The book fair is opening, activities for children, meet-the-artist events, video screenings and exhibitions.

 June 10th — the eighth day of the festival
10 June 2021

Video screenings of performances from the programme of the German theatre festival Theatertreffen began, the performances of the theatres from Moscow and Novosibirsk took place among the lectures, meet-the-writer and meet-the-artist events with directors.