The 120th anniversary of the birth of Andrey Platonov

Today marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Russian writer Andrei Platonov. On this special occasion, we’d like to refer to the words of the artistic director of the Platonov Festival Mikhail Bychkov:

- When we were designing a big new cultural project to be set in Voronezh, an international festival that would open our city to the world and bring all the diversity of the world art to the city scene, we were thinking about a title or a name that could be a good match for such a large-scale yet versatile project. That is to say, a universal name, which is known not only in our region, but also in the whole of Russia and beyond. Certainly, it should have been one of those who are connected with our territory somehow; after all, there are many brightest cultural figures that we are proud of - just recall Ivan Bunin, Ivan Kramskoy, Nikolai Ge, Mitrofan Pyatnitsky, Alexey Koltsov, Anatoly Durov and others. The name of Andrey Platonov was the most accurate and suitable among them, and the decade that passed has only proved that to be right.

One of the festival's main goals is to support and assist in promoting and developing of Platonov’s creative heritage. We strive to regularly show art projects related to his work in the exhibition halls and onstage; we aim to demonstrate how it inspires and nurtures the work of contemporary artists, the way in which it’s interpreted by them and combined with today’s reality. It is needless to say that Platonov still lives, excites and inspires artists (and the public through them) in all corners of the world. We have seen performances by Platonov staged in the UK, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, we have heard about works related to Platonov that have not reached Voronezh yet in different parts of Russia and Europe. Andrei Platonov sets an example for us; he’s a source of inspiration, a huge layer for comprehension and cognition of ourselves and the world around us through his work.