What does the Press write about the Platonov Festival?

Every year more and more journalists from Moscow and St. Petersburg come to Voronezh to the Platonov Arts Festival. The press more often and often calls the Platonov Festival one of the main cultural forums of the country and Voronezh in June – the cultural capital of Russia.

We here quote some of the all-Russian mass media about Platonov Festival:

“The programme is composed entirely of performances of the world's first-magnitude theater stars”


"This showcase can not only compete with the main festivals of the two capitals, but sometimes it outshines them in terms of universality"


“The eighth wonder of the world. The Eighth Platonov Festival has finished triumphantly in Voronezh”

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta”

“In terms of scale, level of preparation and program, the Festival can be compared with the largest European showcases”


“The reputation as one of the best, primarily theatrical, forums is approved for the Platonovfest not only in Russia, but far beyond”

“Petersburg Theater Magazine”

“One of the main regional showcases has got events in all areas of the arts”


“In 2018 the programme looked like a parade of the prime European stage directors”


“The Platonov Festival under Mikhail Bychkov direction is a complete anomaly. The Avignon might envy the programme”

Afisha Daily

“Platonov Festival is a synthesis of superfine and contemporary art”

VGTRK “Kultura”