20 seats added to all showings of the performance "Crime and Punishment"

The "Priyut Comedianta" Theatre has decided to add seats close to the stage to all the showings of the "Crime and Punishment" performance at the tenth Platonov Arts Festival on September 14, 15 and 16. The decision was made due to the adaptation of the stage.

Thus, the audience of the festival had the opportunity to purchase additional tickets to one of the most anticipated performances.

8 nominations for the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" - 2020: "Best Performance in Drama, Small Form", "Best Director's Work", "Best Costume Designer's Work", "Best Actor" (Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexander Novikov), "Best Supporting Actress" (Maria Zimina, Marina Ignatova), "Best Supporting Actor" (Valery Degtyar).

Laureate of the highest theatre prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Soffit" in the categories "Best Actor" (Alexander Novikov) and "Best Actress" (Marina Ignatova). 

“The acting of the entire cast is a real ecstasy. By deliberately lowering the tone, everyone speaks without pressure, as we do in everyday life. Without wringing hands and pathos, they achieve incredible psychological certainty, where any introduced meanings are appropriate."

St. Petersburg diary

The performance will be shown in the frames of the project "Golden Mask Festival in Voronezh".