Platonovfest will show a concert and a performance from the 2020 programme
2 November 2020

The events will be held as part of the All-Russian campaign "Night of Arts" and will be available online

Mikhail Bychkov will take part in an online meeting with French cultural figures
22 October 2020

The online meeting will take place on October 23rd at 11 a.m. Registration is required to participate as a viewer.

The exhibitions of the anniversary festival continue their work
29 September 2020

The exhibition programme of the tenth Platonov Arts Festival is open to the public. Two exhibitions at the Kramskoy's Museum - "Alexander Drevin and Nadezhda Udaltsova. Painting, graphics" and "Mikhail Prekhner. Photo avant-garde of the 1930s" - will continue to work until October 4th. The exposition "The Foundation Pit" by the artist Sergey Baranov will be open at the Chamber Theatre Gallery until October 14th.

September 27 - the final day of the festival
27 September 2020

The book fair of the festival finished its work, a creative meeting with the poet Alexander Skidan took place. The second showing of the performance "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" by the Pushkin Theatre took place on the stage of the Voronezh Concert Hall, closing the dramatic programme of the forum.

September 26 - the fourteenth day of the festival
26 September 2020

The book fair continued its work. The literary programme was supplemented by a reading relay of Platonov's stories and a creative meeting with the poet Dana Sideros, and the dramatic programme was supplemented by the performance "The Knight of the Burning Pestle" by  Pushkin Theatre.

September 25 - the thirteenth day of the festival
25 September 2020

A three-day Book Fair opened on the Soviet Square and a concert by the violinist Andrei Baranov took place at the Philharmonic Hall.

September 24 - the twelfth day of the festival
24 September 2020

The video screening programme “World Theatre on the Screen” ended with a screening of the New Riga Theatre performance and an online meeting with the actor Gundars Abolins.

September 23 - the eleventh day of the festival
23 September 2020

The second showings of the performances "Yushka", "Shop" and "Jokers" were held. The "Theater +" programme continued with the "Interaction" workshop from the director and teacher of the "Inclusion" studio. As part of the international programme, a video screening of the performance "Medea" directed by Michael Thalheimer took place.

September 22 - the tenth day of the festival
22 September 2020

Three performances were shown - "Yushka" by the theatre studio "Inclusion", "Shop" by the Tatar Drama Theatre and "Jokers" by the Russian State Theatre "Satyricon" named after Arkady Raikin. The international programme continued with video screenings of the ballet "Snow White" by Ballet Preljocaj and the National Choreographic Centre of Aix-en-Provence.

Following the footsteps of the "Voronezh case"
22 September 2020

Summing up the preliminary results of the project "Voronezh Case. Festival format".

September 21 - the ninth day of the festival
21 September 2020

Video screenings of the Brazilian performance "Julia" and a concert of Boris Berezovsky and Nikita Borisoglebsky at the Philharmonic Hall took place. A meet-the-artist event with a director Eugene Marcelli and a workshop by Konstantin Raikin opened the "Theatre +" programme.

September 20 - the eighth day of the festival
20 September 2020

The showings of the performance "Platonov. Stories" by the Vakhtangov Theatre and the production "Masquerade" by the Koltsov Drama Theatre took place. The concert "World Opera stars" was a resounding success. The Platonov award ceremony was held at the Chamber Theatre. The video screening of "Atomos" opened the choreographic part of the programme "World Theatre on screen". Two literary meet-the-artist events took place.