Provision on the festival

The distinctive features of the Voronezh region are unique geographical characteristics, world-famous soils — black soils, high-technology industries, a large quantity of well-established educational institutions, including the classical university. The main regional resources are culture and arts. The creative potential is based on rich cultural and historical traditions and inherits the developments of such artists as Ivan Kramskoy and Nikolay Ge, of such poets as Aleksey Koltsov and Samuil Marshak, writers — Ivan Bunin, of observer and publisher — Aleksey Suvorin. The Voronezh history is tightly connected with the family stories of the music dynasty of Rostropovich, circus clownery master Anatoly Durov, the disgraces by the soviet authorities poet — Osip Mandelshtam.

Andrey Platonov takes the special part among those who placed themselves in a record of Voronezh land. The works of this genius master are known all over the world and belong to humankind's heritage. The arts Festival named after Platonov aims to become a bridge between the Voronezh region and other Russian and world regions.

1. General Provisions

1.1. Aims of the International Platonov Festival (further — Festival) are:

  • to support and develop national cultural traditions and contemporary arts in Russia,

  • to promote among citizens of the Voronezh region and other regions of Central Russia values of humanism and cultural development through arts,

  • to develop cross-regional, interethnic and international cultural links,

  • to improve the image of Voronezh city and Voronezh region and develop it within the concept of an important Russian cultural center,

  • to promote the dissemination of the Andrey Platonov heritage.

1.2. Objectives of the Festival:

  • building and development of creative links of theatre and music professionals, writers, artists, and critics,

  • creation of a forum to share the experience in contemporary trends and styles of arts,

  • initiation and development of partner relations within the joint projects.

1.3. Time constraints of the Festival:

Annual Festival works in May — June, starting from the 2011 year.

2. Founders of the Festival

2.1. The founders of the Festival are

  • Government of the Voronezh region;

  • Administration of the Voronezh city district;

  • Mikhail Prokhorov foundation;

  • Autonomous culture institution the “International Platonov Festival Directorate” (further Directorate).

2.2. The directorate is responsible for the Board of founders’ meetings preparation and realization.

3. The Festival events realization: conditions and management

3.1. Founder of Festival are:

  • determining the particular Festival working period;

  • approve the Festival budget;

  • approve the organizational and technical plans of the Festival realization

3.2. The directorate is responsible for the Festival preparation and realization.

3.3. Directorate:

  • presents Festival budget suggestions for consideration of the Board of Founders;

  • forms the program of the Festival and list of its participants;

  • implements all needed works for the Festival realization;

  • implements communication and marketing activities for the Festival, including media and public relations issues;

  • implements fundraising activities for the Festival realization;

  • carries the other extra activities needed for the Festival realization.

4. The Festival programs and events

4.1. The Festival programs include:

  • Theatre

  • Music

  • Visual arts

  • Literature

4.2. Productions, concerts, exhibitions selected by the Directorate may be included in to “Platonov program”, “Main program” or “Program of contemporary art”.

“Platonov program” consists of works based on Platonov’s literary heritage, or devoted to the Platonov’s creativity. Platonov's readings are also held within this program. We designed this program to promote and develop an interest in the Andrei Platonov creative heritage.

“Main Program” includes performances of creative groups and performers. It contemplates projects, which high artistic value was recognized on the prestigious Festivals and contests, as well as was widely appreciated and recommended by professional critics. The program aims to make world cultural treasures accessible to regional audiences.

“The program of contemporary art” is a platform to showcase the creative experiments, the search for new artistic means. This program presents promising and original projects, teams, and authors. The program aims to engage a young audience.

The Festival planes to have diverse educational components: masterclasses, seminars, and lectures.

4.3. Directorate determines the Festival venues for performances, exhibitions, concerts, and other events. Theatres, concert and exhibition halls, palaces of culture, museums, galleries, and other indoor and open-air venues in Voronezh and the region can become the Festival grounds for the time of the Festival events.

5. Participants of the Festival

5.1. Theatres, orchestras, ensembles, artistic associations, as well as individuals acting in theatre, music, visual arts, or literature spheres can become the participant of the Festival if one has been selected and invited by the Directorate.

5.2. The number of foreign participants at the Festival must be at least two theatres, two musical bands or singers. In the “Visual arts”, section number of foreign participants is not regulated.

5.3. Individuals or legal persons receive the status of the Festival Guest if his/her/it presence helps to maintain and enhance the status and reputation of the Festival.

5.4. The Directorate annually forms the Expert Council of the Festival of outstanding experts in the field of theatre, music, visual arts, and literature.

5.5. The Directorate forms the Festival program taking in to account the Expert Council recommendations.

5.6. The Directorate invites the candidates selected by the Expert Council to participate in the Festival and negotiates the organizational, technical and financial conditions, and possibilities for their participation in the Festival.

5.7. Candidates who have accepted an invitation to participate in the Festival, as well as its terms and conditions, are included in the Festival’s program.

5.8. Festival participants are provided with:

  • a theatre, concert, or exhibition venue in accordance with technical rider agreed with the Directorate;

  • hotel accommodation;

  • transfer within the city;

  • the agreed fee payment for participation in the Festival.

5.9. The Festival reimburses to participants following costs:

  • travel to the Voronezh city and backward;

  • the stage set, costumes, properties, exhibits and equipment transportation;

  • customs clearance fees for the items needed for the Festival.

6. Financial support of the Festival.

6.1. The Festival budget is formed from the following sources:

  • the regional budget subsidies to finance the Directorate costs;

  • the federal budget funds received within the relevant target programs;

  • the Voronezh city budget;

  • the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation recourses;

  • the Festival revenue.

6.2. The Festival generates revenues for its budget by:

  • targeted contributions of business partners, sponsors, and philanthropists of the Festival in accordance with treaties; grants of law persons and individuals;

  • sale of tickets for the Festival events;

  • promotional and fundraising activities held within the Festival;

  • sales of informational materials and branded merchandise of the Festival;

  • other income-generating activities.

6.3. The directorate pays the costs for the Festival organization and holding in accordance with the approved estimated budget.

6.4. After payment of taxes according to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation from the revenue of the Festival, the rest of the funds are forwarded to the preparation of the next Festival and the Directorate development.