Platonov award

Platonov Award was established in 2011 by the Government of the Voronezh region and is awarded annually to Russian and foreign cultural figures for their significant contribution to the cultural heritage of the Russian Federation, for creation of outstanding works of literature, theatre, music, visual arts, and for innovative development of humanistic and cultural traditions.

The award is given annually. Its monetary equivalent is 1,000,000 rubles. Nominees are awarded by diploma and they also got a memorable award pin since 2015. The winner is determined by a Council, which was formed of cultural figures, representatives of public organizations and public authorities.

In 2011, a writer Boris Ekimov won the first Platonov Award for his sincerity, deep sense of modernity, and Andrey Platonov’s traditions in the description of life in Russia at the turn of the ages. At the award ceremony writer, Alexey Varlamov named Ekimov “one of the best masters of the word today”, noting that Andrey Platonov and Boris Ekimov are unified by themes of land, family values and “deep comprehension of life”.

In 2012, the Award was given to People’s Artist of Russia Lev Dodin, artistic director of the Maly Drama Theatre — Theatre of Europe. Dodin was awarded for the preservation of the traditions of Russian repertory theatre and outstanding performances in recent years. The third laureate of the Platonov Award became Mikhail Pletnev, an artistic director and chief conductor of the Russian National Orchestra. Pletnev was awarded for the depth and harmony in the interpretation of the world musical heritage.

In 2014, the Award was given to animated cartoon designer Aleksandr Petrov for evocation images of beauty and harmony of the gorgeous and furious world.

The fifth laureate of the Platonov Award was named a writer Andrey Bitov for aesthetic faith to the lonely voice of humans and devotion to the common goal of regression the Andrey Platonov’s heritage.

The sixth laureate of the Platonov Award became Russian filmmaker Aleksandr Sokurov. Sokurov was awarded for Platonov’s contumacy in the comprehension of the idea of a human being into the foundation pit of history.

A writer Alexey Ivanov received the award "for the discovery of the innermost secrets of Russian history" in 2017.

It was in 2018 that the Platonov Award was shared between two laureates for the first time. A director Anatoly Vasiliev and an actress Alla Demidova with the got the award with the wording “for fearlessness and dignity in art”. The award ceremony was held in the Voronezh Concert Hall after a showing of their joint project — the performance "The Old Man and the Sea".

In 2019, an artist and a writer Eduard Kochergin became the winner of the Platonov Award. He was given it “for versatility and dignity”. The award ceremony took place at the closing ceremony of the festival in the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre.