The premiere of the VAS theatre performance has been postponed
22 May 2022

Due to weather conditions, we are forced to reschedule the premiere of the VAS theatre performance "How Peter the Great..." for next week.

The Platonov Arts Festival renews its design
19 May 2022

The Platonov Arts Festival is ready to introduce its new corporate style. It was developed by the Moscow team ESH gruppa, which specialises in visual identity and design for cultural institutions and brands.

Voronezh audience will see the premiere of the VAS theatre created by the Platonov Arts Festival
18 May 2022

On May 22nd, Park "Dolphin" will host the premiere of the debut performance "How Peter the Great…" by the Voronezh Academic Street Theatre, or the VAS Theatre for short – a project initiated by the Platonov Arts Festival. At 2 p.m., a street performance, and at 4 p.m. – its promenade version will be shown.