TheatreMain programme
18 June 202119:00
Voronezh Academic Drama Theatre A.Koltsov — big stage
TheatreMain programme
16 June 202118:30
Voronezh concert hall — big stage
TheatreVoronezh programme
4 June 202119:00
Chamber Theatre — main stage
TheatreVoronezh programme
6 June 202117:00
Nikitinsky Theatre


Passes to the performances of the cycle "Platonov - 2021"
30 April 2021

You can only purchase subscriptions to all three paid theatre performance events online at Tickets for individual theatre performance events can be bought both online and at the festival ticket office.

We announce the theatre performance events programme
29 April 2021

The cycle "Platonov - 2021" will present four works based on the works and letters of Andrey Platonov.

We are announcing the second participant of the concert "World Music in the White Well"!
27 April 2021

This will be a bright and charismatic singer from Greece - Marina Satti.